Emissions Inspection

Emissions Inspection,

What is The Definition of Emissions Inspection?

  • Emissions Inspection refers to Tests were performed on automobiles to determine the amount of pollutants emitted. Some states and / or local authorities test cars for CO2 emissions each year before renewing license plates.

Literal Meanings of Emissions Inspection


Meanings of Emissions:
  1. Production and release of anything, especially gas or radiation.

Sentences of Emissions
  1. Health effects of lead emissions

Synonyms of Emissions

outpouring, leak, outflow, outrush, release, secretion, discharge, ejection, excretion


Meanings of Inspection:
  1. Inspection or control.

Sentences of Inspection
  1. On closer inspection, it looks like fossils

Synonyms of Inspection

look-over, scan, perusal, check-up, probe, appraisal, observation, assessment, examination, survey, review, scrutiny, evaluation, view, check, exploration, investigation