Definition of Emergent:

  1. System characteristics or properties (such as the wetness of water, a persons character or personality, or a particular strength or weakness of an economy or society) manifested only when it is whole, and meaningful only at the level of the whole. They are not the sum of (and cannot be anticipated from) the characteristics or properties of its components or parts, and require knowledge of the whole system to be understood.

  2. Of or denoting a plant which is taller than the surrounding vegetation, especially a tall tree in a forest.

  3. An emergent property.

  4. An emergent tree or other plant.

  5. In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent.

Synonyms of Emergent

Emerging, Beginning, Coming out, Arising, Dawning, Approaching, Arising, Charged, Climacteric, Coming, Critical, Crucial, Decisive, Desired, Destinal, Destined, Determined, Emanating, Emanative, Emanent, Emerging, Eventual, Exigent, Extrapolated, Fatal, Fated, Fatidic, Forthcoming, Future, Futuristic, Hereafter, Hoped-for, Imminent, Issuing, Kairotic, Later, Loaded, Nearing, Pivotal, Planned, Plotted, Predicted, Pregnant, Probable, Projected, Prophesied, Prospective, Surfacing, To come, To-be, Transeunt, Transient, Ultimate

How to use Emergent in a sentence?

  1. The emergent democracies of eastern Europe.
  2. In summer, nesting habitat is small wetlands with emergent vegetation in boreal forests and parklands.
  3. Emergents tower above the top canopy.
  4. Knowledge is an emergent of this interactive process.

Meaning of Emergent & Emergent Definition