Definition of Emergency:

  1. Serious, unexpected and often dangerous situations that require immediate action.

  2. A sudden, unexpected or immediate situation that could result in personal injury, death, property damage and / or disruption of the normal activities of a person or company and, therefore, requires immediate attention and corrective action.

Synonyms of Emergency

Turning, Surgery, Therapy, Hazard, Crucial period, Intensive care, Critical point, Breakers ahead, Operating room, Nursery, Risk, Extremity, Tension, Critical juncture, Maternity ward, Gathering clouds, Crisis, Dispensary, Pass, Prison ward, Private room, Pinch, Rocks ahead, Laboratory, Pressure, Cardhouse, Turn of events, Pharmacy, House of cards, Extremity, Cause for alarm, Hinge, Delivery room, Turning point, Quicksand, Peril, Urgent situation, Dangerous ground, Crisis, Rub, Recovery room, Hospital room, Turn, Consultation room, Exigency, Storm clouds, Climacteric, Danger, Convergence of events, Clinic, Predicament, Menace, Charity ward, Plight, Exigency, Crunch, Push, Imperativeness, Ward, Jeopardy, X ray, Difficulty, Thin ice, Press, Labor room, Gaping chasm, Imperilment, Threat, Urgency, Fever ward, High pressure, Isolation, Semi-private room, Examining room, Stress, Crossroads, Treatment room, Clutch, Blood bank, Contingency, Strait, Endangerment

How to use Emergency in a sentence?

  1. Your immediate response to an emergency can save your life.
  2. I was going to call ER to pick up my brother because he really hurt his leg.
  3. To quell the unrest in Ferguson, Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in the state of Missouri.
  4. We found out about the fire, ran to the warehouse and the fire alarm signaled an emergency, so we called 911.

Meaning of Emergency & Emergency Definition

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