Emergency Cash

Emergency Cash,

Emergency Cash means,

Emergency Cash means, Visa Services for Bank of America Debit Card Customers In the event of an emergency (theft, etc.), you may receive a refund 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in person or at appropriate locations across the country. .

Literal Meanings of Emergency Cash


Meanings of Emergency:
  1. A serious, unpredictable and often dangerous situation requires immediate action.

Sentences of Emergency
  1. Your immediate emergency response can be life-saving

Synonyms of Emergency

extremity, exigency, crisis, urgent situation


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Giving or receiving banknotes or coins with (check or money order).

  2. Money in the form of coins or notes instead of checks, money orders or loans.

  3. Small denomination coins from China, South India or Southeast Asia.

Synonyms of Cash

turn into cash, exchange, liquidate, money, turn into money, currency, ready cash, change, encash, convert into money, realize, ready money, legal tender, hard cash, convert into cash