Definition of Embezzlement:

  1. Embezzlement refers to a form of white-collar crime in which a person or entity misappropriates the assets entrusted to him or her. In this type of fraud, the embezzler attains the assets lawfully and has the right to possess them, but the assets are then used for unintended purposes.

  2. Embezzlement is a breach of the fiduciary responsibilities placed upon a person.

  3. Theft or misappropriation of funds placed in ones trust or belonging to ones employer.

  4. The act of embezzling.

Synonyms of Embezzlement

Misappropriation, Theft, Stealing, Robbing, Robbery, Thieving, Pilfering, Pilferage, Appropriation, Abstraction, Swindling, Abstraction, Abuse, Abuse of office, Annexation, Appropriation, Befoulment, Boosting, Conversion, Conveyance, Corrupt administration, Debasement, Defalcation, Defilement, Desecration, Diversion, Filching, Fouling, Fraud, Graft, Larceny, Liberation, Lifting, Maladministration, Malfeasance, Malpractice, Malversation, Misapplication, Misappropriation, Misconduct, Misemployment, Misfeasance, Mishandling, Mismanagement, Misusage, Misuse, Misusing, Peculation, Perversion, Pilferage, Pilfering, Pinching, Poaching, Pollution, Poor stewardship, Profanation, Prostitution, Purloining, Scrounging, Shoplifting, Snatching, Sneak thievery, Snitching, Stealage, Stealing, Swindle, Swiping, Theft, Thievery, Thieving, Violation

How to use Embezzlement in a sentence?

  1. Ponzi schemes are an example of embezzlement.
  2. Charges of fraud and embezzlement.
  3. Embezzlers might create bills and receipts for activities that did not occur and then use the money paid for personal expenses.
  4. Embezzlement takes place when a person uses funds for a different purpose than they were intended to be used.

Meaning of Embezzlement & Embezzlement Definition


How Do You Define Embezzlement?

Meaning of Embezzlement: Embezzlement is a financial crime. These one or more people can commit a crime by working together. It could be plagiarism or irresponsible and dangerously sincere behavior.

Embezzlement is a form of white collar crime in which a person or business misuses your trusted property. In this type of fraud, the hijacker legally acquires assets and has the right to keep them, but the assets are used for undesirable purposes.

  • Embezzlement occurs when a person uses funds for purposes other than their own.
  • Hijackers can create bills and receipts for activities that can be used to pay for personal expenses.
  • The Ponzi scheme is an example of fraud.

Property or money that is dishonestly taken from your employer for personal gain is often stolen from your employer through electronic management methods, in which a position of trust or liability is misused.

Embezzlement can be defined as, Confiscation of property (usually money) to an individual. In general, the employee may be a representative, attorney, lawyer or other guardian. Conversion has the same meaning, but it is limited to property, not money.

Embezzlement means, Fake use or theft of property or money entrusted to them.

In most states, embezzlement is defined as the theft / theft of an asset (money or property) through which that asset is entrusted or liable. Misuse of funds is often associated with work and the economy.

Misuse of the money or property you have deposited.

Embezzlement can be defined as, Misuse of the money or property you have deposited.

Meanings of Embezzlement

  1. Theft or misuse of funds held or owned by your employer.

Sentences of Embezzlement

  1. Allegations of fraud and embezzlement