Embedded Engineering

Embedded Engineering

What is integrated engineering?

Embedded engineering encompasses the development and testing of software for commercial and consumer devices, from an aircraft display to a pacemaker to a smartphone's Bluetooth radio. Embedded systems development requires experience with operating systems, programming models, communication protocols, and regulatory requirements other than stand-alone computers.

What are the business benefits of integrated systems?

Integrated engineering can shorten time-to-market and accelerate compliance, enabling manufacturers to reap first-mover benefits in the form of premium pricing and increased market share. It also increases profitability by reducing software development and testing costs, and lowers support costs by improving the quality of embedded software.

Literal Meanings of Embedded Engineering


Meanings of Embedded:
  1. To lie as in a bed, to lie in a bed in the surrounding matter.

  2. (by extension) To be incorporated into the surrounding material.

  3. Encapsulate in another document or data file.

  4. Define a one-to-one function from one (set) to another so that some domain properties are preserved when the image is viewed as a subset of the code domain.

  5. The hard or well-closed part sits firmly on deep roots.

  6. Partly in concrete or planted in the ground.

Sentences of Embedded
  1. Put something in clay, mortar or sand.

  2. We wanted to integrate our reporter into the 5th Rifle Division, but the military didn't need him.

  3. The tutorial shows you how to embed a chart from a spreadsheet into a Word document.


Meanings of Engineering:
  1. Design, build or manage anything like an engineer.

  2. Genetically design or build something.

  3. Planning or achieving a goal with subterfuge or stealth to sneak or slip away.

  4. Control the movement of matter to change the movement.

  5. Work as an engineer.

  6. Application of mathematics and natural sciences to the needs of humanity and the development of technology.

  7. The place on board the ship where the engine is located.

  8. Acts that control the movement, form, and/or substance of a physical object.

  9. It refers to the field of professional engineering firms and technical personnel.

Embedded Engineering