Definition of Embassy:

  1. A deputation or mission sent by one ruler or state to another.

  2. The official residence or offices of an ambassador.

  3. One countrys main diplomatic office in another (usually in the capital city of the host country) where the highest diplomatic officer is the ambassador (or high commissioner, in British Commonwealth). Embassy premises and all its diplomatic staff fall under the sovereignty of the ambassadors home country and are protected under the concept of diplomatic immunity by the host country.

Synonyms of Embassy

Dymaxion house, White House, Adobe house, Advice, Agency, Agentship, Assignment, Authority, Authorization, Booking office, Box office, Branch, Branch office, Brevet, Building, Cabinet, Care, Casa, Chambers, Chancellery, Chancery, Charge, Cliff dwelling, Closet, Commission, Commissioning, Commitment, Communication, Communique, Consignment, Consular service, Consulate, Corporate headquarters, Corps diplomatique, Country house, Country seat, Cure, Dacha, Deanery, Delegated authority, Delegation, Den, Deputation, Devolution, Devolvement, Diplomatic mission, Diplomatic service, Diplomatic staff, Dispatch, Dwelling house, Edifice, Empowerment, Entrusting, Entrustment, Erection, Errand, Executive office, Executorship, Exequatur, Express, Fabric, Factorship, Farm, Farmhouse, Foreign office, Foreign service, Full power, Hall, Headquarters, Home office, House, Houseboat, Jurisdiction, Lake dwelling, Legation, Letter, License, Lieutenancy, Living machine, Lodge, Main office, Mandate, Manor house, Manse, Message, Mission, Office, Parsonage, Penthouse, Plenipotentiary power, Pneumatogram, Power of attorney, Power to act, Prefabricated house, Presidential palace, Procuration, Proxy, Purview, Ranch house, Rectory, Regency, Regentship, Release, Responsibility, Roof, Shop, Skyscraper, Sod house, Split-level, Structure, Study, Task, Telegram, Ticket office, Town house, Trust, Trusteeship, Vicarage, Vicarious authority, Warrant, Word, Envoy, Representative, Legate, Delegate, Emissary, Consulate, Legation, Ministry

How to use Embassy in a sentence?

  1. The Chilean embassy in Moscow.
  2. If you are traveling and find yourself in a very scary situation try and contact the embassy as quickly as you can.
  3. Worsley failed to be selected to join the embassy to Sweden.
  4. I had to apply for a Visa at the Russian embassy , in order to be able to travel and visit someone I knew in Russia.
  5. Sometimes when you travel abroad you may lose something important like your passport and need to head to the embassy .

Meaning of Embassy & Embassy Definition