Definition of Emancipation:

  1. Facts or practices exempt from legal, social or policy restrictions.

  2. Law: Actions that allow minors to assume the responsibility and independence of an adult, usually due to unique circumstances. The court may decide to release a child whose parents have been abused and who have shown that they can take care of themselves, a child whose parents have died and who can take care of the children. Is the only member of the family left. The condition of the brother or other is critical.

  3. The process of giving up something else. After the civil war, slaves were released from their masters. The animals were captured and released after discovering that they had been abused.

Synonyms of Emancipation

Discharge, Freeing, Releasing, Release, Letting loose, Liberating, Setting loose, Letting out, Liberation, Setting free, Setting free

How to use Emancipation in a sentence?

  1. Get rid of feminine thoughts.

Meaning of Emancipation & Emancipation Definition