Emagrecer 20 Kg Amamentando

Emagrecer 20 Kg Amamentando

You ■■■■■■■■■■ and lose a lot of weight. Do I have to adjust? 3

I help people when I weigh 60 kg and I weigh my body.

I gained 12 kg during pregnancy and I lost you about 2 weeks after birth.

At the moment my baby is 1 month old and I am losing weight, I weigh 56 kg. I eat well, not anemia, but I feel like a failure and gain weight very fast during nursing ..... help !!!!!

It wasn't the first month when I thought I ate the same thing, I was happy because I gained 10 kg and got pregnant and lost about 12 kg ... td goes on to normalize mass spacing Yes ... my BB is 4 months old and already back 2 kg pole !!

Keep taking the vitamins prescribed by the doctor during pregnancy, I don't know ...

Good luck and congratulations, Ball BB

Oh my god

Parabens for baby hair!

When I had a daughter, I lost a lot of weight. The birth pole is 9 kg, and the dose has already been reduced by 12 kg a month after taking part. I feel so tired be prepared

My doctor prescribed me some vitamins and consulted a nutritionist, I could not maintain my weight safely and with energy. I continued ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ until I was 1 year old.

Do not stop or stop ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ your baby, seek professional advice, do not plan to take too much milk.

Lots of happiness and health for you!

Maybe look; because your baby sucks a lot, it sucks a lot; because your milk no longer supports the hips, it was already feeding him powdered milk like 1, look but that doesn't mean That you will stop sucking. Or lead emp  © soh to complete !!! Go to the doctor because he will tell you exactly what to do !!

esp help !!

I am jealous ... I am part of a group that breastfeeds but no see a doctor and all will be well ... and don't ignore sleep this is also very important. Kiss

To lose weight while ■■■■■■■■■■■■■, you should go to the doctor and ask about vitamins, you really need to eat,


good fortune !!!!

Play is missing, consult your doctor about your diet. Save money, don't stop ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ just for that, you won't regret it, your baby will be very healthy.


It would be nice for you to see my doctor friend ...

Emagrecer 20 Kg Amamentando

Emagrecer 20 Kg Amamentando

Serious but helpful voice, come to me for medical help. More hair than Sei, after losing weight, normal or some part of women's peas may grow or reach normal weight or become fat, sometimes after pregnancy or obesity.

I really like my file, it's been a year now and I've been in debt for months, I'm very thin and I feel very rejected.

Or Divya's husband who gave you Mailer.

Emagrecer 20 Kg Amamentando