Em1 Civic

Em1 Civic

What is the difference between sda civic sis and em1s?

Very easy!!

EM1 9900 is the Civic C (USA) item code

See the wine numbers in the 1999 to 1999 calendars

It will be like 2HG [EM1] .......

If not real C, it is called EJ8 for Civic X or EJ6 for CX / DX / LX.

Basically the same, there are only two different ways to say it

It's like saying I want to drink at the fountain and I want to drink at Pepsi Fountain.

The EM1 is more specific to the 9900 model, which is similar to the Pepsi description,

The Civic C was the most common since the early 1990's.

But to say that the 9900 Civic C and EM1 are the same, there are only two different ways of saying it, one has to do with the make-up and model of the equipment, the other has to do with the 4, 5th and 6th Chis code alcohol numbers.

To keep it simple

em1 = every 9900 civic coupe

This information is incorrect as shown below.

Without EM1, only C (9900), EJ6 is CX / DX / LX

And the EJ8 is the Civic X, which is also a coupe.

Many other 9900 coupes that are not em1

To edit:

So all the middle-class sisters from 1999 to 2000 just said one M1 for one particular, one model, one look?

It's okay to look around, find the 9900 Civic if it's on sale, and look at the fourth, fifth and sixth wine numbers. (Called Chis Code)

For example, this civilian, if you have 1HG (EM1) 159XL083853, thinks it is EM1 or Civic 9900. If so, nothing else makes sense.

Em1 Civic