Em Cima Ou Encima

Em Cima Ou Encima

When is it used as an espresso on top or top?

Hello !!

They really exist as the two that show them up and up.

At the top or even at the top of the day is the idea of ​​this place, so it is appreciated as an advisor.

Example: The girl picks up Yura as a fruit in an old straw chair.

The second word above, is rarely used between numbers. One verb is at the top of the verb which means: Gap Phelps to close the choir again. In the province of Alentejo, which means Conclir (contract)

In helmetic language, a helmet of feathers encio or an adjective descending from above, ie: hat or mark.


So, for the above grammar (expression) ... is sedo.

When used above, it is not above.

Just above. Contrary to which the bottom ہیں are together!

Where do you say I would say; or more?

Sing about the third wallet. to close. Verbs above Indiana

2. Heavy. to sing. Eleven. Verb above

That means putting it up.

The above spelling corresponds to the sentence or adverb which is used as the meaning of above or again.

Em Cima Ou Encima

Em Cima Ou Encima

Something above ...

above 'is above.

Now, UNDERNEATH  © together.

The above is fine.

Okay Pakwina believe the answer but that's it.

You're trying to explain, right?

I will answer you in a way you would never, but I will avoid it!

Serious finger shaking or typing:, V, _º (.) ‚º_, V

Well peas, except for TOP ÂÃÂ ((too long for the fingers above your fingers when separated or gathered? Sticky), hehe.

Below © © together, \ /,, under two fingers apart © together, between  £ or ƒÂ اور and between nƒÂ £ or below.

Always look for hands!

Em Cima Ou Encima