Definition of Elongation:

  1. Measure of the ductility of a material as determined by a tension test, it is the increase in the gauge-length of a test specimen after fracture divided by its original gauge-length. Higher elongation mean higher ductility.

  2. The lengthening of something.

Synonyms of Elongation

Enlargement, Increase in size, Swelling, Distension, Dilation

How to use Elongation in a sentence?

  1. We had to test the elongation of the material to see if it could undergo what we had in store for it later on.
  2. You may need to measure out the elongation of a material to make sure that it can cover everything you need it to.
  3. You need to know how any elongation will affect your project and how you can best adapt to the changes.
  4. Thus, the mechanical response in the adhesion geometry can be only partially estimated since adhesion induces strong elongations in the adhesive material.

Meaning of Elongation & Elongation Definition