Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory,

Elliott Wave Theory: What is the Meaning of Elliott Wave Theory?

  • Elliott Wave Theory can be defined as, The Elliott Wave Theory was developed by Relief Nelson Elliott to observe and identify repetitive fractal wave patterns to describe price movements in financial markets. Waves can be detected in stock price movements and consumer behavior. Investors trying to take advantage of market trends can be described as a wave ride. A major step for homeowners to change their existing mortgages to new ones on better terms is known as the refinancing wave.

    • Elite View Theory is a method of technical analysis that seeks long-term recurring price patterns associated with constant changes in investor sentiment and psychology.
    • This theory identifies waves that are in the form of continuity waves that form pattern and correction waves that are against the broader trend.
    • Each set of waves is embedded in a large set of waves that follow the same pulse / correction pattern, which is described as close to a reversal interval.

  • This theory, developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s, suggests that large-scale psychology is caught between hope and despair, which in turn naturally affects market prices.

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