Definition of Elision:

  1. Abandon sounds or letters when speaking (as IM allows, e.g.).

  2. Delete one or more characters that are not completely necessary to understand some characters, for example. B. Print 199798, 1997-1998 no.

Synonyms of Elision

Synopsis, Pruning, Reduction, Ellipsis, Absence, Crasis, Abbreviation, Abridgment, Foreshortening, Shortening, Exception, Telescoping, Erasure, Syneresis, Recapitulation, Recap, Truncation, Apocope, Non-inclusion, Curtailment, Epitome, Excision, Contraction, Exclusion, Deletion, Cut, Conspectus, Precis, Aposiopesis, Elimination, Clipping, Summary, Cutting, Condensation, Retrenchment, Abstract, Compression, Syncope, Summation, Leaving out

How to use Elision in a sentence?

  1. Others prefer the intermediate option that maintains the exception by forgetting and deleting it, but leaves it out of the plurality and possession.

Meaning of Elision & Elision Definition