Eligible person

Eligible person,

Definition of Eligible person:

  1. A person who is considered to have an insurance contract. Unlike a qualified employee, an individual does not have to work for a specific company. You can be a member of a guild or part of a club.

Meaning of Eligible person & Eligible person Definition

Eligible Person,

Eligible Person: What is the Meaning of Eligible Person?

Eligible Person refers to The term refers to a person who is entitled to insurance coverage, even though he is not an employee, but a member of an organization or union.

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Meanings of Eligible:
  1. You have the right to create or receive anything that meets the relevant requirements.

Sentences of Eligible
  1. Consumers are entitled to discounts

Synonyms of Eligible

allowed, entitled, qualified, permitted


Meanings of Person:
  1. A person as an individual.

  2. The categories used in the classification of utterances, persons with authority, and verb forms indicated by the speaker (first person), recipient (second person) or third person (third person).

  3. One of the three ways of becoming God, namely, the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, together form the Trinity.

Sentences of Person
  1. Porter was the last to see them

  2. When ordinary citizens call a soldier, they do so with a pronoun of another person, such as a child or a pet.

  3. The same idea needs to be developed and applied not only to the Logos themselves, but also to other people in the Holy Trinity.

Synonyms of Person

human being, man, fellow, creature, woman, soul, individual, mortal, human, being, living soul