Eligibility Period

Eligibility Period,

What is Eligibility Period?

  1. During the period during which some group members may enroll in the Group Benefit Program (e.g., 401 (k) plan, health insurance, disability insurance or life insurance).

  2. Meaning of Eligibility Period: Privilege Period After the privilege date, there is usually a period of 31 days, during which potential group members can enroll for a benefit plan, for example. Health, life or disability insurance without insurance proof. This is also the duration of the coverage, provided the paid medical expenses are paid through the medical policy.

  3. A certain period, for example, one month after the date of eligibility, during which time a particular person in this group is still eligible for health or group life insurance. There is no proof of insurance.

  4. The time after the date of claim (usually 31 days) during which group members can apply for insurance without proof of insurance.

Literal Meanings of Eligibility Period


Meanings of Eligibility:
  1. Circumstances have the right to do or receive anything under the right conditions.

Sentences of Eligibility
  1. The right to your benefits depends on your income


Meanings of Period:
  1. Trace blood and other material from the uterine lining, which occurs approximately between puberty and menopause in non-pregnant women. Occurs 28 days and usually lasts for several days.

  2. Complex sentences, especially sentences that consist of several clauses and are formed as part of a formal speech or sentence.

Sentences of Period
  1. As he spoke, he raised his lighted cigar in the air, as if blocking his prayer with a stick in the air.

  2. Horizontal lines or periods also tend to predict in nature, because moving from one left to the right along one line only increases the number of electrons by changing the atomic number in each other.

Synonyms of Period

olde worlde, interval, span, chapter, stretch, stop, duration, of yesteryear, menstruation, period, session, bout, run, space, phase, time, in period style, nostalgic, spell, menstrual flow, evocative