Eligibility Date

Eligibility Date,

Eligibility Date Meanings:

  • History A person is entitled to insurance benefits.

  • A simple definition of Eligibility Date is: An individual in a particular group is eligible to apply for individual health or group life insurance.

  • Date Insurance Group Member's Insurance Application.

Literal Meanings of Eligibility Date


Meanings of Eligibility:
  1. The state of having the right to do or receive something to meet the right conditions.

Sentences of Eligibility
  1. The right to your benefits depends on your income


Meanings of Date:
  1. Set or check the date (an item or event)

  2. Mark or show as obsolete.

  3. Meet someone (whether you are romantic or sexually attracted)

  4. Months or days of the year, indicated by numbers.

  5. Dating or social or romantic affiliation.

  6. Sweet, dark brown, oval fruit with a hard, dark, usually eaten dry.

  7. A large palm is native to West Asia and North Africa.

Sentences of Date
  1. The paintings are from 1460-1470

  2. Disco - That's the word that comes to mind

  3. I dated a former friend a few years ago

  4. What day is it today

  5. A student is meeting someone he met in class

  6. However, he cautioned diabetics to beware of high-calorie fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates and jackals, as well as high-calorie fruits such as dates and grapes.

  7. The Phoenix Sylvester Palm or Toddy Palm palm is very similar to the canary palm and edible palm.

Synonyms of Date

court, rendezvous, day, see, occasion, assignation, ascertain the age of, time, be involved with, engagement, woo, anniversary, establish the date of, put a date on, day of the month, meeting, year, be romantically linked with, establish the age of, ascertain the date of, appointment, go with, take out, assign a date to