Element Dust Ark

Element Dust Ark

How do I get an item from dust to an item?

Another way to get large amounts of object dust, object splinters, and clean objects is to find and defend nodes of objects created in nature. Elemental Dust can then be created in a city terminal by dividing Element and its claws (with a loss of 80%) into 200 and 2 powders respectively.

Do you also know how to convert an item score into an item?

Unstable Element Shard can be unlocked at level 55 and created with Element Dust. Once created, it will take a spoiler timer of 2 minutes before an unstable object shard becomes a normal object fragment.

Second, how long does the element last in the generator?

at 5.0 × radius 2.32 element every 18 hours or 1 every 37 3-4 hours. for the largest radius (10.0 ×) 3.97 element every 18 hours or 1 every 14 and a half hours.

What are the item scores here for?

The fragments of elements are used as a source of energy and fuel for Tek level items. Creating object scores requires a Tek Replicator and an object. Each item can be converted into 100 item scores.

How do I create an unstable object?

stay behind. An unstable object with 1000 × object dust is created in the inventory. They have a two-minute spoiler timer and then convert to a standard article.

What does the Tek Tower bring?

The Tek Tower is a fully automatic turret that can automatically aim and fire at enemy dinosaurs, players, both or all (including wild dinosaurs) within range, but does not target explosives such as rockets, grenades, and Tek power grenades .

Can the article be transferred to sheets?

Element was first revealed in ARK Digest 22 on November 18, 2015. Element cannot be transferred between official servers or clusters. With the introduction of DLC Extinction it is possible to transfer Element in the form of the Dust variant to the server.

How do you use a technical light?

Tek Light acts as an advanced light source and can be mounted on any surface (including walls and ceilings). It can be controlled by connecting it to a Tek generator or by adding item fragments to the inventory. It can also be powered from an electrical outlet powered by electricity from an electric generator.

How do you refine a base mineral?

Element Ore is a tool in the Aberration DLC. It is used to create an element on a load node. The elemental mineral can be extracted from small dark rocks that contain a purple crystal. These stones are found on the surface and in the tomb of the lost.

How many elements does a Tek Replicator use?

Use. Tek Replicator takes one element to work for 600 seconds.

How do you move objects?

Complete the following steps to transfer an item to CA Endevor SCM using the Transfer Custom Item action: Right-click the item you want to transfer and click Customize> Transfer Item. Use the Item Transfer window to specify the new location where you want to transfer the item.

What ammo does the Tek Railgun use?

Use. Tek Railgun fires explosive plasma blasts. The element used in shooting, each piece provides the gun with two shots. Like the Tek Shotgun, it doesn’t need to be reloaded, but unlike the shotgun, it overheats after each shot and must cool down before it can be used again.

How do you use Tek armor?

The armor must be activated, just place the object on the armature. after touching and moving spaces, you can fly right here. You can also run big by holding down the Shift w and Ctrl keys. The headset has several modes. Press E twice to change these modes.

Element Dust Ark