• This includes physical damage or loss, including mechanical or electrical failure, damage caused by IT equipment and business interventions, damage or damage from insurance risks.



Meanings of EQUIPMENT:
  1. Items for certain uses. Are required.

  2. The process of providing someone with the necessary elements for a particular use.

  3. Mental Resources

  4. Male genitals.

Sentences of EQUIPMENT
  1. Gym with the latest equipment

  2. Like many readers, he knows all the machines, tools and equipment of the old ride.

  3. Provided some money for repairing government offices and providing office supplies.

  4. Employees need to take a break from office supplies every two hours.

  5. The association is financed with fines and contributes to the financing of equipment, offices and employees.

  6. I think they gave me the rest of the office.

  7. All ski essentials can be rented at reasonable prices.

Synonyms of EQUIPMENT

appliances, paraphernalia, articles, impedimenta


Meanings of BREAKDOWN:
  1. Mechanical failure.

  2. Relationship or system failure.

  3. Sudden destruction in your mind.

  4. Chemical or physical damage from something.

  5. Explanatory analysis including statistics.

  6. A vibrant and vibrant American country dance.

Sentences of BREAKDOWN
  1. Most JWRC competitors suffered mechanical damage, punctures or accidents.

  2. But the plan will also make a lot of sense: no strip buttons or mechanical malfunctions, and no frustrated residents walk into the halls late at night and throw away all their trash without sorting.

  3. Scanlin said some mechanical damage could be avoided if the driver inspected the bus properly before driving.

  4. Lack of foresight causes a lot of mechanical damage.

  5. By the way, this week, especially on Tuesday, be on the lookout for mechanical malfunctions.

  6. Due to the weather on your side and no mechanical damage, this will be a good crop.

  7. He worked on the construction of the London Eye and was part of a successful rescue team that would be called for greed in case of mechanical failure or the threat of terrorism.

  8. I returned after a three-week absence due to a mechanical failure at the printer and a labor dispute at the printer's union chapel.

  9. After a mechanical failure, Clacton Recreation Center emptied the pool on Friday.

  10. However, in anti-space environments, satellites may fail prematurely due to mechanical failure, damage from solar flares, or collisions with rotating debris.

  11. Dumpsters, space battles or mechanical malfunctions can cause floaters of any size to waste space, which can often be feasible.

  12. Gravel began digging holes in the truck's hard rubber tires, and the difficult journey increased mechanical damage.

Synonyms of BREAKDOWN

failure, disintegration, falling through, division, foundering, classification, break-up, mental collapse, breakdown, collapse, seizing up, dissection, itemization, categorization


Meanings of BUSINESS:
  1. Work, profession or routine occupation

  2. After someone's activity

  3. A people's concern.

  4. Work or solve problems.

  5. Practice making a living.

  6. Trade by volume or profit.

  7. Transaction or business.

  8. A case or series of events that is usually embarrassing or disrespectful.

  9. A group of related or mentioned things

Sentences of BUSINESS
  1. Are you here on business

  2. In his other career as a writer and journalist, he was a guest at the Japanese Economic Consulate in Japan.

  3. Ashraf regularly travels to Pakistan from Glasgow Airport for business.

  4. Zurich asked the company if it had assessed the risk to employees before allowing it to run its business.

  5. The group candidate has developed his activities in the areas of sales promotion and market support.

  6. I was in Europe on business and after reading about Silver Arrow on their website, I decided to enter the competition.

  7. We live in better homes, we get better vacation rentals, and we get better deals when we do business.

Synonyms of BUSINESS

adventure, merchandising, trade, issue, assignment, syndicate, buying and selling, house, bargaining, occasion, occupation, experience, bureau, cooperative, interlude, line, office, undertaking, trading, circumstance, affair, profession, traffic, obligation, franchise, episode


  1. The act of disrupting or disrupting.

  2. An action, statement, or term that disturbs someone or something.

  1. The area is slowly opening up to tourism, but the priority is to allow locals to maintain their uninhabited lifestyles.

  2. I expected a series of setbacks and interventions when I retired, and I still will.

  3. Oddly enough, the intercom has adopted a pattern that reflects this problem of interference and disruption.

  4. The answer is to plan new developments to minimize the hassle and disruption of a new emergency.

  5. Mr. Johnson ignored the comments and told Ms. Justin that she was too young to sit down and continue her study day without further interruption.

  6. It was a place where he could quietly dream sincerely and study his score without rest.

  7. Try to find a quiet place where there is no disturbance or disturbance.

  8. Governments want to govern without interference or interference, and active legislators have a bad habit of asking weird questions and making speeches that embarrass ministers.

  9. But most of all, he wanted to prevent the destruction of his citizens in a war that had been fought for more than half a decade by those who wanted to end it.

  10. Several interruptions were made to the service and the operation is expected to return to normal as soon as possible.

  11. It's not that I don't enjoy the whole day of writing, but when the season of development is over I'm happier and I can start working again.

  12. Some of our local companies cannot handle other business interventions.


interference, recess, discontinuation, hiatus, intrusion, interlude, intervention, break, gap, termination, halting, pause, breaking off, cessation, stopping, suspension, disturbance, ceasing, obtrusion