Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Coverage

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Coverage,

How Do You Define Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Coverage?

Synonyms see important terms of data processing capacity

Literal Meanings of Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Coverage


Meanings of Data:
  1. Facts and data are collected for reference or analysis.

  2. The quantity, letter or symbol on which the computer operates is stored and transmitted in the form of an electrical signal and is recorded on a magnetic, optical or mechanical recording medium.

  3. Things that are known or considered facts that are the basis of reflection and calculation.

Sentences of Data
  1. Police then spend time collecting data and providing data on the ethnic backgrounds of detainees.

  2. These programs are used to prepare and process data collected for analysis.

  3. Online surveys have reduced data collection costs and made data analysis more efficient.

  4. The IMF insists that the statistics agency collects economic data in a timely manner.

  5. According to him, the publication uses data from monthly surveys, statistics and analysis of media reports.

  6. The chamber then examines the data internally and checks the statistics.

  7. He suggested that the pair would provide a graph, not a statistical analysis of their data.

  8. Variation and analysis analysis were used to analyze the statistical data.

Synonyms of Data

particulars, features, statistics, details, specifics, figures


Meanings of EDP:
  1. Electronic data processing.


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else

  2. Media treatment of a problem.

  3. Insurance provides level protection.

  4. Areas covered by specific broadcasters or advertising media.

  5. How a defender or team defends a player, zone or game.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. This coverage should cover almost most of the UK.

  2. I feel like their coverage is being mistreated and I'm glad I can do something about it.

  3. C provides in-depth program coverage, including 90 examples of different programs.

  4. As there are 2, they provide more coverage.

  5. It has level and wide coverage of part of the building which means easy fixing in construction.

  6. This informative and entertaining site offers extensive coverage of Long Island birds, birds and birds.

  7. Those of us who are embracing today's technology will be amazed at the extent of its release.

  8. The lesson plans described below do not provide full coverage and do not provide a set schedule.

  9. Full election coverage is planned on this excellent page, which I will cover later tonight.

Synonyms of Coverage

security, coverage, indemnification, protection, cover, presentation, reportage, description, treatment, surety, indemnity, handling