Electronic Check

Electronic Check,

What is The Definition of Electronic Check?

Meaning of Electronic Check: Electronic checks or e-checks are a form of payment made over the Internet or other data networks and perform the same function as traditional paper checks. Because the checks are in electronic format, they can be processed in less time.

  • Electronic check is an internet payment method that performs the same functions as a traditional paper check.
  • One of the most popular versions of electronic checks is the direct deposit system offered by many owners.
  • In general, the cost of writing an electronic check is much lower than a paper check.
  • Electronic checks have more security features than paper checks.

Literal Meanings of Electronic Check


Meanings of Electronic:
  1. (Devices) that work or operate with many small components, including microchips and transistors that control and conduct electrical current.

  2. (Music) made by electronic devices.

  3. Talking about electronics.

  4. In relation to electrons.

  5. The network is primarily developed or accessed by a computer or other electronic device.

Sentences of Electronic
  1. You will also learn how moisture affects the surface of silicone, which is used to make microchips and other electronic devices.

  2. In modern electronic devices, silicon transistors are associated with capabilities whose values ​​are zero and represented throughout the system.

  3. Modern commercial aircraft are equipped with electronic devices that control the aircraft and perform navigation and communications.

  4. Inorganic chemistry is used to make electronic components such as transistors, diodes, computer chips and various compounds of metal.

  5. Smart homes with all kinds of devices controlled from a single type of electronic device to home appliances have been a household dream for decades.

  6. Here they make electronic brake controls, in different configurations and voltages.

  7. Electronic engine control tests are also planned after the delivery of the first unit.

  8. Since each bicycle is controlled by an electronic lock, anyone wishing to rent a bicycle can call the telephone line to unlock it and provide the location of the bicycle after use.

Synonyms of Electronic

automated, robotic, computerized, mechanical, electronic, push-button, preprogrammed, unmanned


Meanings of Check:
  1. Examine (something) to determine its accuracy, quality, condition, or the presence of an object.

  2. Check or adjust your satisfaction.

  3. Compare the accuracy of something with something else

  4. Examine or investigate carefully.

  5. Agree or disagree when comparing.

  6. Look, pay attention.

  7. Pause or slow down (something unwanted)

  8. Limit or retain (feelings or emotions)

Sentences of Check
  1. Simple blood tests to check for anemia

  2. Dermatologists often examine the mouth for skin or sexually transmitted diseases.

  3. We ask your contractor or consultant to check the condition and quality of the tree upon arrival at the site.

  4. He was attentive, listening intently to the question after question and checking the answers as if to check accuracy.

  5. He added that those responsible for checking the status of the property were not responsible.

  6. Teachers never formally assessed the risk on the river, nor did they assess the weather conditions prior to the activity.

  7. We do our best to correct and check the details whenever possible, but we are not responsible for any errors that may occur.

  8. In fact, I gave the book to my dad to see if it was true.

  9. However, a specialist hydrologist must first travel to the island to check the quantity and quality of water in the cave.

  10. When data is being collected, the weather manager checks the accuracy and sends it to the control center every 30 seconds via the satellite downlink.

  11. He personally inspected them, verified their technical quality, and even called the manufacturers.

  12. Injuries were assessed using modifications to the 1990 Short Injury Scale, and all scores were centralized to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Synonyms of Check

look over, repress, contemplate, inspect, inspection, scrutinize, stifle, bottle up, restraint, observe, curb, restrain, analysis, bite back, scrutiny, list of charges, swallow, hold back, bring to a standstill, hindrance