Electronic banking

Electronic banking,

Definition of Electronic banking:

  1. The use of computers to carry out banking transactions such as withdrawals through cash dispensers or transfer of funds at point of sale.

  2. Banking transactions carried out electronically (in later use especially via the Internet), without involving the physical depositing or receipt of cash or cheques; maintenance of a bank account by means of computer and telecommunications equipment and software.

How to use Electronic banking in a sentence?

  1. You may find it easier to use electronic banking to send a transfer instead of using traditional in bank ways.
  2. Norma had been shy of it at first, but now she did everything on the computer and was even comfortable with electronic banking and using her credit card to make purchases.
  3. Using electronic banking like online banking and over the phone transfers save me more time than going into to the bank, which means alot to me.

Meaning of Electronic banking & Electronic banking Definition