Electrolux Washer E11 Code

Electrolux Washer E11 Code

What does e11 mean on Electrolux washing machine?

This E11 error means that the washing machine did not fill with water fast enough and it took more than 6 minutes to fill with water, which could certainly be due to the water not being filled. The good news is, it’s easy to fix this problem.

What does e11 mean for the Electrolux washing machine?

E11: Filling time too long. E11. Water tap closed, water volume too low, pressure sensor defective, inlet valve. broken or bent trachea.

What does EHO still mean for a washing machine?

Source of energyWhat does e11 mean in the washing machine?

An E11 error code on a Hoover washing machine indicates a drying sensor malfunction. If the drying sensor is damaged or faulty, you have a washing machine that does not dry the laundry while it is being washed.

How do you perform a diagnostic test on an Electrolux washing machine?

Switch to Diagnostic / Service mode in an Electrolux front washer. * Press the Cancel button to switch to standby mode and activate the diagnostic input. * Press any button within 10 seconds after pressing Cancel to activate the controls. Simultaneously press the button below the screen for 3 seconds to enter diagnostic mode

What does e10 mean in the washing machine?

Problem: The washing machine displays error message E10, C1 or emits 1 beep / 1 flash. This indicates a problem with lack of water intake, insufficient water, or drainage problems.

How do I unlock the Electrolux washing machine?

To unlock the controls, press the Options and Select buttons at the same time. The light is no longer on and you can regrow your hair!

What does it mean and for the Electrolux washing machine?

Electrolux E Drain pump malfunction The water level has not returned to the reset point within 15 minutes of draining the water from the washing machine.

How do I reset the Hoover washing machine?

Press the On / Off button to restart the washing machine. In other cases, if the device has a Cancel button, press it to clear the error, then press the Pause or Stop button to reset it.

What does e03 mean on a Hoover washing machine?

The error code
E03 on the Hoover washing machine means that the drum does not empty normally, it is due to a clogging and it will only take a few minutes to repair. I’ll show you how to empty the machine, remove the filter and remove the error code.

What does e13 mean about the Electrolux washing machine?

Error code for Electrolux E13 unit. E13: water loss. The maximum total water filling time has been exceeded (the sum of the total water is filled between one emptying phase and the next to avoid exceeding the maximum volume).

break a washing machine?

The cycle can be interrupted. When you stop the cycle, it will take 30 +/- seconds to unlock the locking mechanism.

What does e40 mean in a washing machine?

If error message E40 is displayed or the washing machine beeps or flashes 4 times, there is a problem with the door lock. The door may not close properly.

How do you clean an AEG front loader?

Cleaning the detergent tank: eliminate any spills or contamination in any environment by rinsing it under hot running water. Remove the dispenser and use a suitable toothbrush (clean with an old toothbrush) to remove dirt and dry soap dust / liquid from each section.

How do I reset the AEG washing machine?

Reset instructions: press the two upper buttons (suction and pre-wash). At the same time, turn the program selector anticlockwise for a fine spin. Then release both buttons and turn the dial fully counterclockwise (almost one full turn) until it stops. Try washing normally.

What does e10 mean on my AEG washing machine?

Problem: The washer dryer emits the error message E10, C1 or 1 beep / 1 flashing light. This indicates a problem with lack of water intake, insufficient water, or drainage problems.

What does e10 mean for the Zanussi washing machine?

Zanussi washing machine error code = E10 error code definition = the washing machine was not filled with water correctly.

What does EHO mean for the Zanussi washing machine?

If your washing machine displays the EHO / EH0 error message, there is a problem with the power supply.

Electrolux Washer E11 Code