Definition of Electricity:

  1. The type of energy fed by the transfer of electrons from positive and negative points inside the conductor. Electricity is widely used to generate electricity for buildings, electrical equipment and even some cars. Several people were responsible for the development of electricity, but the most famous was Benjamin Franklin and he had the experience of hang gliding. Franklin discovered that electricity is a type of lightning.

  2. Happiness or feeling.

  3. A form of energy that emanates from the presence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either in the form of static charge or dynamically in the form of electricity.

Synonyms of Electricity

Express train, Teletypewriter, Closed-circuit telegraphy, Benzine, Hare, Gas, Power, Wire service, Power supply, Energy, Ardor, Light, Striped snake, Petrol, Key, Tenseness, Jet plane, Typotelegraph, Quadruplex telegraphy, Scared rabbit, Thunderbolt, Stock ticker, Courser, Excitement, News ticker, Streak, Coal oil, Ticker, Current, Rocket, Facsimile telegraph, Code, Teleprinter, Fervency, Quicksilver, Simplex telegraphy, Kerosene, Torrent, Sounder, Teletyping, Multiplex telegraphy, Typotelegraphy, Lightning, Intensity, Blue darter, Tension, Greased lightning, Energy, Interrupter, Shot, Duplex telegraphy, Electric power, Gazelle, Dart, Submarine telegraphy, Greyhound, Eagle, Light source, Teletype, Telegraphy, Flash, Paraffin, Luminant, Thought, Illuminant, Single-current telegraphy, Swallow, Verve, Sender, Mercury, TelAutography, Blue streak, Illuminating gas, Teletypewriting, Gasoline, Teletype network, Cannonball, Telegraphics, Antelope, Static, Telex, Transmitter, Railroad telegraphy, Vibrations, Receiver, Streak of lightning, Arrow, Oil, Wind, Petroleum

How to use Electricity in a sentence?

  1. The environment is full of dangerous sexual power.
  2. Lightning strikes, which are often seen in the night sky during storms, are an example of the natural form of lightning.
  3. When power goes out due to unpaid bills, Henry has to go to his friends' house to use the microwave and charge his phone.
  4. Today, basic equipment in the United States usually includes electricity, but there are still remote areas in the United States where there is no reliable access to electricity.
  5. Unlike most metals, metals conduct electricity without wasting energy in the form of heat.

Meaning of Electricity & Electricity Definition

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