Definition of Electric:

  1. Of, worked by, charged with, or producing electricity.

  2. A colloquial term in business that can be used to positively describe an individuals or an objects results as being quick, powerful and efficient.

  3. A utilities expense that a company or individual usually pays monthly. Monthly payments and rates may vary depending on where a company is located, how much electricity a company uses and how the electricity is generated. For example, an electric company would charge a certain rate for electric usage while some companies provide their own power generators that would allow a company to avoid using a citys electricity.

  4. An electric train or other vehicle.

  5. A type of energy that occurs due to the movement of electrons and protons in an oscillating pattern. Electricity is a source of power that is often used to provide light, heat buildings, or power on devices such as computers.

  6. Having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement.

Synonyms of Electric

Amtrak, Baggage train, Cable railroad, Charged, Choo-choo, Cog railroad, Cog railway, El, Electric car, Electric train, Electrifying, Elevated, Energized, Exciting, Express, Express train, Flier, Freight, Freight train, Freighter, Funicular, Galvanizing, Goods train, Interurban, Lightning express, Limited, Local, Metro, Milk train, Monorail, Moving, Parliamentary, Parliamentary train, Passenger train, Rack-and-pinion railroad, Railroad train, Rattler, Rolling stock, Shuttle, Shuttle train, Special, Stimulating, Stirring, Streamliner, Streetcar, Subway, Tense, Thrilling, Train, Tram, Tramcar, Trolley, Trolley car, Tube, Underground, Way train, Tense, Charged, Electrifying, Generated by electricity, Galvanic, Voltaic

How to use Electric in a sentence?

  1. The atmosphere was electric.
  2. An electric stove.
  3. I used an electric for years since I always had problems with blades especially on my neck.

Meaning of Electric & Electric Definition