Definition of Election:

  1. A formal and organized choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position.

  2. The act of a party casting votes to elect an individual for some type of position. Elections may involve a public or private vote depending on the position. Most positions in the local, state, and federal governments are voting on in some type of election.

Synonyms of Election

Ballot, Vote, Poll, Referendum, Plebiscite, General election, Local election, Popular vote, Straw poll, Straw vote, Show of hands, Calvinism, Accession, Alternative, Alternativity, Anointing, Anointment, Apostolic orders, Appointment, Arrogation, Assignment, Assumption, Authorization, By-election, Calling, Canonization, Caucus, Choice, Choosing, Closed primary, Co-optation, Co-option, Conferment, Congressional election, Consecration, Contested election, Coronation, Decision, Delegation, Deputation, Designation, Determinism, Direct primary, Druthers, Electing, Empowerment, Fatalism, First choice, Free choice, Free will, General election, Holy orders, Induction, Installation, Institution, Investiture, Legitimate succession, Major orders, Mandatory primary, Minor orders, Nomination, Nonpartisan primary, Open primary, Option, Optional primary, Ordainment, Orders, Ordination, Partisan election, Pick, Plebiscite, Political election, Poll, Predestinarianism, Predeterminism, Preference, Preference primary, Preferment, Preoption, Presentation, Presidential election, Presidential preference primary, Presidential primary, Primary, Primary election, Reading in, Referendum, Runoff, Runoff election, Runoff primary, Seizure, Selection, Succession, Taking over, The pick, Usurpation, Volition, Vote, Voting, Will

How to use Election in a sentence?

  1. The 1860 presidential election.

Meaning of Election & Election Definition