Election Window

Election Window,

Election Window Definition:

  1. The period during which the policyholder on a non-life insurance policy may obtain an extended reporting period (ERP) after the expiration or expiration of the policy. The election window usually lasts at least 10 days and in some cases 90 days.

Literal Meanings of Election Window


Meanings of Election:
  1. Formal and organized elections by a person in a political office or another office.

Sentences of Election
  1. 1860 presidential election

Synonyms of Election

ballot, vote, straw vote, popular vote, general election, referendum, local election, plebiscite, poll, show of hands, straw poll


Meanings of Window:
  1. A defect completes the transparency of a vehicle or a vehicle that is transparent in a painting or transparent material.

  2. Transparent mark on address envelope.

  3. A frame area on the screen to display information.

  4. Action interval or opportunity.

  5. The range of electromagnetic wavelengths at which the medium (primarily the atmosphere) is transparent.

  6. Interfere with radar detection of aluminum foil strips or aviation chips.

Sentences of Window
  1. The apartments and penthouses feature double glazed redwood windows, fully equipped kitchens and gas central heating.

  2. This results in yellow envelopes, narrow leaf windows and easily broken paper.

  3. Viewers receive video and audio directly in their Internet browser window.

  4. February 15 to March 15 should be the last window for new offers

  5. All of these windows have infrared waves and are as narrow as cracks between fence slots.

Synonyms of Window

window, chance, opportune time, opening, right moment, suitable time, aperture, opportunity, casement