Definition of Elasticity:

  1. Statistics: Degree to which a dependant variable (such as expenditure) changes in response to a change in an associated independent variable (such as income).

  2. The ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed; stretchiness.

  3. The degree to which a demand or supply is sensitive to changes in price or income.

  4. Ability to change and adapt; adaptability.

  5. Economics: Measure of the responsiveness of demand and supply of a good or service to an increase or decrease in its price.

  6. Engineering: Ability of a material to recover its original dimensions, and to return to its original shape, after being subjected to a stress. See also Hookes law.

Synonyms of Elasticity

Adaptability, Adjustability, Agreeability, Amenability, Beef, Beefiness, Bendability, Brawn, Brawniness, Ductibility, Ductility, Extendibility, Extensibility, Facility, Fictility, Flexibility, Flexility, Flexuousness, Formativeness, Give, Heftiness, Huskiness, Impressionability, Involuntary muscle, Limberness, Litheness, Malleability, Moldability, Muscle, Muscularity, Musculature, Physique, Plasticity, Pliability, Pliancy, Receptiveness, Resilience, Responsiveness, Rubberiness, Sensibility, Sensitiveness, Sequacity, Sinew, Sinewiness, Sinews, Springiness, Stretch, Stretchability, Stretchiness, Submissiveness, Suppleness, Susceptibility, Tensileness, Tensility, Thew, Thewiness, Thews, Tolerance, Tone, Tractability, Tractility, Voluntary muscle, Willowiness, Stretchiness, Flexibility, Pliancy, Suppleness, Rubberiness, Plasticity, Resilience, Springiness

How to use Elasticity in a sentence?

  1. Aging can decrease the elasticity of your skin.
  2. The rubbery space-age material could stretch to unbelievable lengths and then, because of its natural elasticity , would return to its original form and leave no trace of its transformation.
  3. One of the reasons kids love silly putty so much is that it has so much elasticity . No matter what you do it can always be molded back to its original form.
  4. Within the rodents, which generally have short generation times, generation time is positively correlated with adult survival elasticity.
  5. When she started her business she was utilized elasticity until she determined what was going to work with her product pricing.
  6. The price elasticity of electricity demand.

Meaning of Elasticity & Elasticity Definition


Definition of Elasticity:

  • Flexibility is a measure of a variable's sensitivity to change in other variables. The value of this sensitivity changes more often than changes in other sensitive factors. In business and economics, flexibility refers to the extent to which individuals, consumers, or producers change the quantity provided in response to changes in demand or price or revenue. It is mainly used to estimate changes in consumer demand after a change in the price of goods or services.

    • Flexibility, for example, is an economic measure of the sensitivity of economic factors. B. A change in price versus supply or demand, or a change in tariff against demand.
    • When the demand for goods or services is relatively stable, even in spite of price changes, the demand is said to be unstable and its elasticity coefficient is less than 1.0.
    • Examples of flexible products include clothing or electronics, while rigid products include groceries and prescription drugs.

Meanings of Elasticity

  1. Returning to your normal state after the ability or stress of an object or substance.

  2. Sensitive response of supply or demand to price or tariff changes. The process takes place.

Sentences of Elasticity

  1. Aging can reduce the elasticity of your skin

  2. In mice with small breeding times, breeding time is positively associated with survival resilience in adults.

  3. Flexibility in the price of electricity demand