Elastic modulus

Elastic modulus,

Definition of Elastic modulus:

  1. Ratio of pressure (stress) applied to a body to the resistance (strain) produced by the body. If it is the ratio of longitudinal stress to strain, it is called Youngs modulus. If it is the ratio of stress to the fractional decrease in the volume of the body, it is called bulk modulus. If it is the ratio of tangential force per unit area to the angular deformation (in radians) of the body, it is called modulus of rigidity, rigidity modulus, or shear modulus.

How to use Elastic modulus in a sentence?

  1. You may want to try and figure out a way to use elastic modulus to your business es favor in the long term.
  2. I had to be in charge of the elastic modulus and it was a real pain because I did not know how to figure it out.
  3. The handle of the brush has a higher elastic modulus than what the bristles of the brush tend to have because they are meant to bend easy when they are in your hair while we need the handle to be stiff.

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