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Is cheese fat or not? 3

Hello everyone, if you eat about 1 or 2 slices a day then the cheese (for example rare) is getting fat. Strange


Approximately how many calories

Principles of life

People who are born lean for teenagers will always be lean because it is planned that when a malnourished person (sorry for being lean) gets fat, he should immediately take a short walk and leave some soda. Lose weight in weeks.

For those of us who are born obese and live to our youth, we are never thin, so we do not have a weight loss program, and although we are tired without eating, we do it every day, every time. Do exercise In general, we receive double,

that's not fair? Obese people should always be ready

I can't believe you from my profile picture, it didn't happen to me so I want to be like that,

Don't worry, people who have reached puberty are malnourished because they don't know how to cook.

On the other hand, people who are lean and their mother cooks are usually thin because they have a fat brother who eats everything.


Everything, really everything you drink, except water, makes you more or less fat.

When you eat what you eat, you gain weight. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.


Eating everything makes you fat.

Cheese is not thickening: v

Everything that comes in is calories, the question is whether those calories are fun or not.

El Queso Engorda

El Queso Engorda

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The best soy foods are more nutritious and contain less fat.

Come on, cheese

Live and be happy

People who are pasteurized with low fat and salt content will not get fat like mozzarella, permisan or cream cheese.

Esp will really help you.

Dry again

El Queso Engorda

El Queso Engorda

Semi-cooked cheese has more calories than panna cheese which my nutritionists recommend because it has less calories and carbohydrates !! It has about 100 calories and 10 proteins that help maintain muscle, because cottage cheese is also good and if I remember correctly it has less than 100!

Don't stop, don't live, believe and eat cheese without repentance !!

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