El Barco Season 4

El Barco Season 4

Is there an El Barco season 4?

At the request of many fans, the series “The Ship” (El Barco) has been extended for the second and later for the third season. Such a collapse in the rankings threatened the possible continuation of the series “The Ship” (El Barco) for season 4. The release date of the new season had not been announced for a long time.

And how many seasons are there in El Barco?

3Do Ulises and Ainhoa ​​unite in the same way?

Ricardo and Julia are finally together after some inconveniences related to Julia’s work at Project Alexandria. Ulises and Ainhoa ​​get back together and, after trying to keep the secret, they decide to escape on a ship they encounter along the way.

And what happens at the end of El Barco?

He is then surprised by Gamboa in the water with a gun and Ulysses discovers that Gamboa is planning to kill him. He calls her girlfriend Ainhoa ​​on the radio to say hello and Gamboa shoots him three bullets in the chest. The series ends with an epilogue.

What is the English equivalent of the Spanish Barco?

barco = masculine noun boot.

How many episodes are there in El Barco?


Who is Mario Casas married to?

El Barco Season 4