Definition of Effluent:

  1. Liquid waste leaves homes in rivers, lakes or ponds, or in sewage systems or reservoirs, such as factories, farms, shops or houses. The waste released into the atmosphere is known as emissions.

  2. Waste or liquid waste is dumped in rivers or the sea.

Synonyms of Effluent

Waste matter, Ejection, Fork, Transudation, Discharge, Transudate, Ejectamenta, Effluvium, Extravasate, Waste, Excrement, Egesta, Excretes, Branch, Outward-bound, Confluent stream, Effusive, Dejection, Outflowing, Sewage, Effused, Confluent, Emission, Tributary, Discharge, Prong, Dejecta, Feeder, Outflow, Outgoing, Extravasation, Bayou, Ejecta, Dendritic drainage pattern, Waste, Liquid waste, Excreta, Exudate, Outbound, Extravasated, Dejecture, Affluent, Billabong, Outpouring, Exudation

How to use Effluent in a sentence?

  1. If you have an industrial facility, you need to make sure that the garbage does not contaminate the area.
  2. The Gulf is polluted by industrial plant waste.
  3. The resulting dirty water, especially those used with heavy chemicals, can severely damage the environment and expose toxic humans and animals.
  4. You should always use proper control over industrial facilities to ensure that no residual water is released into the environment.

Meaning of Effluent & Effluent Definition