Definition of Effluent:

  1. Liquid waste flowing out of a factory, farm, commercial establishment, or a household into a water body such as a river, lake, or lagoon, or a sewer system or reservoir. Waste discharged into air is called emission.

  2. Liquid waste or sewage discharged into a river or the sea.

Synonyms of Effluent

Affluent, Bayou, Billabong, Branch, Confluent, Confluent stream, Dejecta, Dejection, Dejecture, Dendritic drainage pattern, Discharge, Effused, Effusive, Egesta, Ejecta, Ejectamenta, Ejection, Excrement, Excreta, Excretes, Extravasate, Extravasated, Extravasation, Exudate, Exudation, Feeder, Fork, Outbound, Outflowing, Outgoing, Outpouring, Outward-bound, Prong, Transudate, Transudation, Tributary, Waste, Waste matter, Waste, Liquid waste, Sewage, Effluvium, Outflow, Discharge, Emission

How to use Effluent in a sentence?

  1. If you have an industrial plant you must make sure that there is no effluent waste polluting the environment near by.
  2. The bay was contaminated with the effluent from an industrial plant.
  3. When the effluent of manufacturing, especially those involving heavy use of chemicals, can cause severe damages to the environment and can poison people and animals that are exposed to it.
  4. You must always do proper checks to make sure that your industrial plant is not leaking any effluent waste into the environment.

Meaning of Effluent & Effluent Definition