Definition of Efficiency:

  1. A comparison of what is actually produced or obtained and what can be achieved using the same resources (money, time, work, etc.). This is an important factor in determining productivity. See also performance.

  2. Condition or quality of performance.

Synonyms of Efficiency

Dexterity, Effectiveness, Artisanship, Timing, Regulation, Horsemanship, Masterly, Fitness, Susceptibility, Coordination, Skill, Operability, Usability, Savoir-faire, Grip, Dexterousness, Organization, Logicality, Artistry, Finesse, Ingenuity, Airmanship, Skilled, Availability, Workmanship, Savvy, Effectiveness, Grace, Helpfulness, Control, Facility, Cunning, Qualified, Ableness, Genius, Adeptness, Able, Skillful, Craftsmanship, Effectual, Resource, Usefulness, Competence, Technical mastery, Order, Quickness, Artfulness, Address, Performance, Bravura, Potency, Capability, Capacity, Expertness, Adroitness, Practicality, Virtuosity, Capableness, Technical brilliance, Qualification, Command, Efficaciousness, Craft, Skillfulness, Sufficiency, Ability, Wit, Mastery, Cleverness, Ingeniousness, Serviceability, Caliber, Utilizability, Flair, Resourcefulness, Expert, Dextrousness, What it takes, Expertise, Adept, Efficacious, Marksmanship, Fitted, The stuff, Planning, Brilliance, Cost-effectiveness, The goods, Handiness, Style, Utility, Tactfulness, Proficient, Experience, Know-how, Faculty, Tact, Seamanship, Diplomacy, Wizardry, Orderliness, Mastership, Competent, Technical skill, Functionality, Coherence, Practical utility, Virtuous, Profitability, Applicability, Deftness, Prowess, Productivity, Efficacy, Practical ability, Readiness, Capable, Technique, Adequacy, Use, Talent, Productivity, Practicability, Proficiency, Efficient

How to use Efficiency in a sentence?

  1. Henry Ford improved the efficiency of car production and the development of assembly lines, where each worker performed a specific operation and sent the car to the next worker.
  2. The performance in the assembly line is so good that the company can produce more goods than its competitors.
  3. Greater energy efficiency.
  4. Designers should review product specifications because the complexity of parts affects the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Meaning of Efficiency & Efficiency Definition