Definition of Efficacy:

  1. Performance. Before embarking on these changes, we need to evaluate their effectiveness in achieving the desired results. If we do not believe that change will help, we will have to reconsider our plans.

  2. Ability to achieve the desired or desired result.

  3. Medicine: The ability of medicines or vaccines to support, treat or prevent an illness or disease.

Synonyms of Efficacy

Potency, Successfulness, Success, Productiveness, Fruitfulness, Efficacy, Power

How to use Efficacy in a sentence?

  1. To test the effectiveness of a new drug, it is usually given to the control group and another group of people through a placebo.
  2. The processor server is angry with its supervisors: the seemingly unnecessary restrictions on the way of driving and its operation mean that its capacity is far below its capabilities.
  3. Very little is known about the effectiveness of this treatment.
  4. Managers consider safety and performance when meeting and exceeding monthly quotas. Capacity is not just about getting things done quickly, but also about getting things done effectively.

Meaning of Efficacy & Efficacy Definition