Definition of Effectiveness:

  1. The degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. In contrast to efficiency, effectiveness is determined without reference to costs and, whereas efficiency means doing the thing right, effectiveness means doing the right thing..

  2. The degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result; success.

Synonyms of Effectiveness

Success, Successfulness, Efficacy, Productiveness, Fruitfulness, Potency, Power, Acme, Amperage, Applicability, Armipotence, Authority, Authorization, Availability, Be-all and end-all, Beef, Bite, Bitingness, Black power, Blue ribbon, Brute force, Capability, Championship, Charge, Charisma, Clout, Cogence, Cogency, Command, Compulsion, Control, Cuttingness, Dint, Directorship, Dominion, Drive, Duress, Effect, Effectuality, Efficacy, Efficiency, Energy, First place, First prize, Flower power, Force, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Full blast, Full force, Functionality, Guts, Headship, Hegemony, Height, Helpfulness, Highest, Imperium, Impressiveness, Incisiveness, Influence, Jurisdiction, Kingship, Leadership, Lordship, Main force, Main strength, Mana, Management, Mastership, Mastery, Maximum, Might, Might and main, Mightiness, Mordancy, Most, Moxie, Muscle power, Ne plus ultra, Nervosity, Nervousness, New high, Operability, Palms, Paramountcy, Performance, Pizzazz, Poignancy, Poop, Potence, Potency, Potentiality, Power, Power pack, Power structure, Power struggle, Powerfulness, Practicability, Practical utility, Practicality, Prepotency, Presidency, Primacy, Productiveness, Productivity, Profitability, Puissance, Pull, Punch, Push, Record, Rule, Say, Serviceability, Sinew, Sinewiness, Sovereignty, Steam, Strength, Strong arm, Strong language, Superiority, Superpower, Supremacy, Sway, Top spot, Trenchancy, Usability, Use, Usefulness, Utility, Utilizability, Validity, Vehemence, Verve, Vigor, Vigorousness, Vim, Virility, Virtue, Virulence, Vitality, Wattage, Weight, Zenith

How to use Effectiveness in a sentence?

  1. Being able to correctly figure out the effectiveness of each employee will let you know which to promote and which to let go.
  2. The effectiveness of the new software was pleasing to the whole team as it was a joy to use by all.
  3. Further analyzes are being conducted to determine the cost effectiveness of CT scanning in patients not admitted to hospitals in the current area.
  4. The effectiveness of the treatment.

Meaning of Effectiveness & Effectiveness Definition

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