Definition of Effective:

  1. It performs a function that is actually defined, but is not officially recognized.

  2. Fit for a military duty.

  3. Of course, the new law banning traffic violations is effective today. So, be careful from now on and don't limit yourself to speed.

  4. Get the results you want. This medicine was effective in curing the infection.

  5. Achieve the desired or desired results

Synonyms of Effective

Valid, Effectual, Estimable, Potent, Impressive, Prestigious, Real, Compelling, Constructive, Pragmatic, Personable, Outstanding, Consequential, High-tension, Suasive, Dynamic, Substantial, Productive, Implied, Functional, Useful, Forceful, Enchanting, Active, Corrosive, Operable, Essential, Charismatic, Fruitful, Slashing, Productive, Operative, Important, Magnetic, Basic, Realizable, Practicable, Ruling, Irresistible, Unacknowledged, Adequate, Efficacious, Proficient, Efficacious, Mighty in battle, Serviceable, In power, Driving, Implicit, High-pressure, Incisive, Armipotent, Competent, Successful, Essential, Persuasive, High-potency, Sinewed, Poignant, Powerful, In operation, Mighty, Convincing, Winning, Mordant, Remarkable, Piercing, Potent, Actual, Vigorous, Punchy, Tacit, Equal to, High-powered, Acid, Telling, Functioning, Up to, Prepotent, Cogent, Powerful, Strong, Cutting, Reputable, Charming, Efficient, Banausic, Sound, Practical, Vital, Weighty, Noticeable, Nervous, Influential, Virtuous, Sensational, In force, Actual, Operative, Gutsy, Moving, Feasible, Trenchant, Imperative, Effectual, Functional, Momentous, Forcible, True, Penetrating, Direct, Striking, Authoritative, Conspicuous, Sinewy, Able, Puissant, Go, Capable, Workable, Practical, Virtual, Operational, Biting, Energetic

How to use Effective in a sentence?

  1. Traveling in a straight line is probably the most effective way to get to your destination as soon as possible.
  2. He had a total of 920 soldiers when the fighting began.
  3. The practices of Simon and Violet's parents are less orthodox and legitimate than most, but anyone who knows their well-behaved children will have to admit that this tactic works.
  4. Although not all are delicious, ramen noodles can be an effective fast food when you are in a hurry.
  5. Effective solutions to environmental problems.
  6. The area was not under effective Dutch control until 1904.

Meaning of Effective & Effective Definition

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Hand cream with spf
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Purple clover
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How to get wifi without cable
Liquid exfoliator
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Best fertilizer for vegetable garden
What does makeup primer do
How to get rid of rats outside
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Laundry pods
Will i lose weight if i stop eating
Types of healing crystals
Play stock
Laser hair removal for dark skin at home
Mosquito larvae in pool
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Rust on plants
What state has the lowest property taxes
Center drain bathtub
Radeon 7
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How to treat whiteheads
Gel liner
Castor oil for face
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No fluoride toothpaste
Job description definition
Christian prayer
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What is youtube automation
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Best face oil for dry skin
Interest vs apr
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Tattoo pain
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Building lean muscle
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Windows 10 for dummies
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Hard money
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Wind signs
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How to fix squeaky floors under carpet
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Products that help with acne scars
Team goals
Best hair thickening shampoo
Prescription retinol cream
Best dandruff shampoo
Amortization calculator excel
What does mildew smell like
Birch lane promo code
Best cream for tattoos
L oreal revitalift hyaluronic acid
What does an operations manager do
Birth control for acne before and after
How to wash pillows in washer
Vinegar carpet cleaner
Scalp massager for hair growth
Nose hair removal
Removing mold from walls
Real phone numbers to call
How to type a letter
Chest acne
How much weight can you lose in 2 months
Carbomer in skin care
Diy sandblaster
Prevent stretch marks
How to fix cracks in concrete
Garlic mosquito spray
Shark robot vacuum reviews
How To Set Up A Mouse Trap
Do keto pills work