Definition of Editing:

  1. Alter (a gene or other nucleotide sequence) by the insertion, deletion, or replacement of one or more nucleotides.

  2. Be editor of (a newspaper or magazine).

  3. Arranging, revising, and preparing a written, audio, or video material for final production, usually by a party (called an editor) other than the creator of the material. The objectives of editing include (1) detection and removal of factual, grammatical, and typographical errors, (2) clarification of obscure passages, (3) elimination of parts not suitable for the targeted audience, and (4) proper sequencing to achieve a smooth, unbroken flow of narrative.

  4. Prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.

  5. A change or correction made as a result of editing.

Synonyms of Editing

Revision, Alteration, Change, Modification, Qualification, Adaptation, Adjustment, Be the editor of, Control the content of, Control, Direct, Run, Manage, Be in charge of, Be responsible for, Be at the helm of, Be chief of, Head, Lead, Supervise, Superintend, Oversee, Preside over, Be the boss of, Correct, Check, Copy-edit

How to use Editing in a sentence?

  1. The editing done by the copywriter was excellent so we decided to bring him on full time to join our organization.
  2. Volume I was edited by J. Johnson.
  3. As a Japanese teacher, it was hard work editing my students essays, since they often made so many spelling and grammatical mistakes due to their inexperience in communicating with the language.
  4. I had to practice editing a bit more and do a few more jobs before I could consider myself a professional film editor.
  5. He began to edit the magazine in 1923.
  6. The system has no word wrap feature—so even small edits involved extensive rekeying.

Meaning of Editing & Editing Definition