Definition of EDGE:

  1. Enhanced data GSM environment. Faster version of GSM that uses TDMA multiplexing technology to enable transmission of large amounts of data (such as streaming video) at speeds of 384 to 473 kilobits per second (kbit/s) while using the existing GSM radio bands.

  2. Move gradually, carefully, or furtively in a particular direction.

  3. The outside limit of an object, area, or surface; a place or part farthest away from the center of something.

  4. Ski with ones weight on the edges of ones skis.

  5. The sharpened side of the blade of a cutting implement or weapon.

  6. Give an intense or sharp quality to.

  7. Provide with a border or edge.

  8. A quality or factor that gives superiority over close rivals or competitors.

Synonyms of EDGE

Creep, Inch, Inch ones way, Worm, Worm ones way, Work, Work ones way, Pick ones way, Nose, Nose ones way, Ease, Ease oneself, Ease, Ease ones way, Advance slowly, Border, Fringe, Rim, Verge, Skirt, Be alongside, Border, Boundary, Extremity, Fringe, A, Acerbity, Acidity, Acidulousness, Acme, Acridity, Acrimony, Acuity, Aculeate, Acuminate, Acumination, Acuteness, Adjoin, Advantage, Air line, Allowance, Alpha, Anxious, Apex, Apogee, Apprehensive, Asperity, Astringency, Axis, Bank, Barb, Beeline, Befringe, Beginning, Bind, Bite, Bitingness, Bitterness, Blast-off, Board, Border, Bordure, Bound, Boundary, Bourn, Brim, Brink, Brow, Bulge, Cap, Causticity, Chord, Climax, Cloud nine, Coast, Coign of vantage, Commencement, Crabbed, Crawl, Creation, Creep, Crest, Crown, Culmen, Culmination, Cuspidate, Cut, Cutting edge, Cuttingness, Dawn, Deadwood, Diagonal, Diameter, Direct line, Directrix, Draw, Drop, Edge tool, Edgy, Effectiveness, End, Enframe, Establishment, Extreme limit, Extremity, Featheredge, Fidgety, Fierceness, File, Flange, Flank, Flying start, Force, Foundation, Frame, Fresh start, Fringe, Go crabwise, Go sideways, Great-circle course, Grind, Grip, Handicap, Harshness, Head start, Heaven, Heavens, Height, Hem, High noon, Highest pitch, Highest point, Hone, Ill at ease, Inch, Incisiveness, Inside track, Institution, Irascible, Irritable, Jump, Jump-off, Keenness, Kick-off, Knife-edge, Labellum, Labium, Labrum, Lap, Lateral, Lateralize, Lead, Leading edge, Ledge, Limb, Limbus, Limit, Line, Lip, List, Make leeway, March, Marge, Margin, Marginate, Maximum, Meridian, Mordacity, Mordancy, Mountaintop, Move, Mucronation, Ne plus ultra, Nervous, New departure, No place higher, Noon, Normal, Odds, Oilstone, On edge, On tenterhooks, Oncoming, Onset, Opening, Origin, Origination, Outbreak, Outline, Outset, Peak, Peevish, Penetration, Perimeter, Periphery, Perpendicular, Pinnacle, Piquancy, Pitch, Poignancy, Point, Pointedness, Pole, Prickliness, Prickly, Pungency, Purfle, Purl, Radius, Radius vector, Ragged edge, Razor-edge, Reset, Restive, Restless, Ridge, Right line, Rigor, Rim, Roughness, Running start, Secant, Segment, Selvage, Send-off, Sensitive, Set, Set off, Setting in motion, Setting-up, Seventh heaven, Severity, Sharp, Sharpen, Sharpness, Shore, Shortcut, Shrillness, Side, Sideline, Sideslip, Sidestep, Sidle, Skew, Skid, Skirt, Sky, Something extra, Something in reserve, Sourness, Spiculate, Spinosity, Spire, Spur, Square one, Start, Start-off, Starting point, Steal, Sting, Straight, Straight course, Straight line, Straight stretch, Straightaway, Strap, Streamline, Stridency, Stringency, Strop, Summit, Superiority, Surround, Take-off, Tangent, Taper, Tartness, Teeth, Tense, Thinness, Thorniness, Threshold, Tip, Tip-top, Top, Touchy, Transversal, Trenchancy, Trim, Upmost, Upper extremity, Upper hand, Uppermost, Uptight, Urgency, Utmost, Vantage, Vantage ground, Vantage point, Vector, Veer, Vehemence, Verge, Vertex, Very top, Violence, Virulence, Weapon, Whet, Whip hand, Worm, Zenith, Advantage, Lead, Head, Head start, Trump card, The whip hand

How to use EDGE in a sentence?

  1. The veal had the edge on flavor.
  2. You will be edging early, controlling a parallel turn.
  3. The pool is edged with paving.
  4. The bitterness that edged her voice.
  5. A willow tree at the waters edge.
  6. A knife with a razor-sharp edge.
  7. She tried to edge away from him.

Meaning of EDGE & EDGE Definition