Definition of Economical:

  1. Frugal with resources such as money, time, or energy.

  2. Giving good value or service in relation to the amount of money, time, or effort spent.

  3. Cheap or inexpensive.

Synonyms of Economical

Cheap, Inexpensive, Low-cost, Low-price, Low-budget, Budget, Economy, Reasonable, Reasonably priced, Cut-price, Cut-rate, Discount, Discounted, Bargain, Bargain-basement, Cost-effective, Effective, Efficient, Energy-efficient, Fuel-efficient, Energy-saving, Fuel-saving, Scotch, Budget, Canny, Careful, Chary, Cheap, Cheeseparing, Close, Conservative, Conserving, Easy, Economic, Economizing, Economy, Forehanded, Frugal, Inexpensive, Labor-saving, Low, Low-priced, Manageable, Mean, Miserly, Moderate, Modest, Money-saving, Niggardly, Nominal, Parsimonious, Penny-pinching, Penny-wise, Penurious, Politico-economic, Provident, Prudent, Prudential, Reasonable, Saving, Scrimping, Sensible, Shabby, Shoddy, Skimping, Socio-economic, Spare, Sparing, Stingy, Thrifty, Tight, Tight-fisted, Time-saving, Token, Unexpensive, Unwasteful, Within means, Worth the money

How to use Economical in a sentence?

  1. A small, economical car.

Meaning of Economical & Economical Definition