Economic Reports

Economic Reports,

Definition of Economic Reports:

  • The definition of Economic Reports is: The report provides a wealth of data on various sectors of the economy, both nationally and globally, and is published regularly by various federal government departments.

Literal Meanings of Economic Reports


Meanings of Economic:
  1. From an economic or financial point of view.

  2. Justification in terms of profit

Sentences of Economic
  1. Government economic policy

  2. To stay accessible, many companies need to grow

Synonyms of Economic

productive, remunerative, moneymaking, gainful, financially rewarding, money-spinning, lucrative, profitable, fruitful, profit-making


Meanings of Reports:
  1. Give an oral or written account of what you have observed, heard, done or investigated.

  2. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

  3. Responsible for (manager or supervisor)

  4. A report on a particular subject, in the form of an official article, after a thorough investigation or review by a particular person or body

  5. Information that is not based on solid evidence.

  6. A sudden loud noise or something like an explosion or bullets.

  7. An employee who is dependent on other employees.

  8. Reputation of someone or something.

Sentences of Reports
  1. The Minister reported a decline in milk production

  2. Stuart was scheduled to be in the experimental office on Monday

  3. President's Annual Report

  4. Rumors are circulating that the president will step down

  5. All our horses are very friendly and accustomed to listening to 0.22 reports

Synonyms of Reports

word, information, review, bang, clock in, give an account of, reputation, description, crack, appear, gunshot, outline, arrive, regard, record, character, pop, present oneself, detail, intelligence, shot, turn up, delineation, news, name, repute