Economic indicators

Economic indicators,

Definition of Economic indicators:

  1. A statistic used to predict future trends in a nations economy.

  2. Key statistics that indicate the direction of an economy. They are of three main types: (1) Leading indicators (such as new orders for consumer durables, net business formation, and share prices) that attempt to predict the economys direction, (2) Coincident indicators (such as gross domestic product, employment levels, retail sales) that show up together with the occurrence of associated economic activity, and (3) Lagging indicators (such as gross national product, consumer price index, interest rates) that become apparent only after the occurrence of associated economic activity.

How to use Economic indicators in a sentence?

  1. The economic indicators displayed by the report clearly showed a promising future in the region given the upward trend of the graph.
  2. For the most part, current economic indicators the United States point towards an end to the recession and general inflation of the economy, even though many people are still suffering from unemployment and a previous loss of investments.
  3. Taiwans economic planning body said yesterday that the nations leading economic indicators for March hit a 15-year low.
  4. Knowing what the economic indicators of a future change are will help you to be two steps ahead of your competition.

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