Economic Indicator

Economic Indicator,

What Does Economic Indicator Mean?

  • Economic indicators are economic data, usually at the economic level, which analysts use to interpret current or future investment opportunities. These indicators also make it possible to assess the overall health of the economy.

    • Economic indicators are major economic measures that analysts use to understand current and future economic activities and opportunities.
    • The most commonly used economic indicators come from data published by universities or governments and non-profit organizations.
    • Indicators can be well-known, leading, lagging behind, confirming a trend, or adapting to what's happening.

Literal Meanings of Economic Indicator


Meanings of Economic:
  1. Economics or related to economics

  2. Economically justified

Sentences of Economic
  1. If many organizations are to be accessible, they must grow.

Synonyms of Economic

fruitful, lucrative, money-spinning, successful, remunerative, productive, cost-effective, commercial, profit-making, gainful, profitable, viable, financially rewarding, moneymaking, commercially successful, solvent


Meanings of Indicator:
  1. Anything that indicates the condition or degree of something.

  2. A special type of pressure gauge or pressure gauge.

  3. A compound that changes color at a specific pH or in the presence of a particular substance and can be used to monitor the acidity, alkalinity or the progress of a reaction.

Sentences of Indicator
  1. Car ownership is often used as a sign of wealth.

  2. Speedometer

  3. Residual alcohols are indicated with phenolphthalein against standard acids.

Synonyms of Indicator

scale, criterion, guideline, dial, test, litmus test, signal, measuring device, sign, standard, meter, touchstone, yardstick, mark, benchmark, point of reference, guide to, measuring instrument, measure, display, index, barometer, gauge