Economic Exposure

Economic Exposure,

What is Economic Exposure?

  1. A simple definition of Economic Exposure is: Economic risk is a type of currency risk caused by the unexpected currency fluctuations in a company's cash flow, foreign investment and future profits. Economic integration, also called operational engagement, can have a significant impact on a company's market value because of its long-term and long-term effects. Companies can protect themselves from unexpected currency fluctuations by investing in foreign exchange trading.

    • Economic risk is a currency risk caused by unexpected currency fluctuations.
    • Exposure increases with increasing exposure rate and decreases with increasing fluctuations.
    • This can be mitigated through operational strategies or currency risk mitigation strategies.

Literal Meanings of Economic Exposure


Meanings of Economic:
  1. From an economic or financial point of view.

  2. Justification in terms of profit

Sentences of Economic
  1. Government economic policy

  2. To stay accessible, many companies need to grow

Synonyms of Economic

moneymaking, productive, gainful, fruitful, lucrative, remunerative, financially rewarding, profit-making, money-spinning, profitable


Meanings of Exposure:
  1. The state belongs to something.

  2. Reveal any identities or facts, especially things that are hidden or may be illegal.

  3. The process by which a photographic film is exposed to light or other radiation.

  4. The direction of the building in view.

Sentences of Exposure
  1. Risk of asbestos exposure

  2. She committed suicide for fear of being exposed by a spy

  3. A camera that provides images immediately after the exposure

  4. The lighting is perfect: Slightly inclined to the southwest

Synonyms of Exposure

manifestation, uncovering, submission, showing, aspect, subjection, view, unveiling, vulnerability, revelation, direction, disclosure, frontage, display, unmasking, outlook, exhibition, laying open