Economic Equilibrium

Economic Equilibrium,

What is Economic Equilibrium?

Economic Equilibrium means, Economic equilibrium is a state or condition in which economic forces are in equilibrium. In fact, economic variables do not change from their equilibrium value without any external influence. Economic balance is also called market balance.

  • Economic equilibrium is a state in which market forces are balanced, a concept derived from the natural sciences, in which capable physical forces can compensate each other.
  • The market offers buyers and sellers incentives, mediated by current prices and quantities, higher or lower prices and quantities that keep the economy in balance.
  • Economic balance is just an ideological construct. The market never really reaches equilibrium, even though it keeps moving towards equilibrium.

Literal Meanings of Economic Equilibrium


Meanings of Economic:
  1. In terms of economy or economy.

  2. Justification in terms of profit

Sentences of Economic
  1. Government economic policy

  2. Many organizations need to thrive if they are to be accessible

Synonyms of Economic

financially rewarding, productive, lucrative, gainful, remunerative, moneymaking, fruitful, money-spinning, profit-making, profitable


Meanings of Equilibrium:
  1. A state in which opposing forces or effects are balanced.

Sentences of Equilibrium
  1. Maintain social balance

Synonyms of Equilibrium

equipoise, equality, parity, symmetry, balance, evenness