Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar,

What is Economic Calendar?

  • Economic Calendar can be defined as, An economic calendar is indicated by the date of publication or important events that may affect the movement of prices, which may lead to the safety of an individual or the price in the entire market. Investors and brokers use economic calendars to plan transactions and transfer portfolios and to focus on graphic patterns and indicators that can cause or influence these events. Economic calendars of many countries are available for free on various financial and market sites.

Literal Meanings of Economic Calendar


Meanings of Economic:
  1. From an economic or financial point of view.

  2. Justification in terms of profit

Sentences of Economic
  1. Government economic policy

  2. To stay accessible, many companies need to develop

Synonyms of Economic

money-spinning, profit-making, moneymaking, productive, financially rewarding, gainful, profitable, lucrative, fruitful, remunerative


Meanings of Calendar:
  1. A chart or series of pages showing days, weeks, and months of a particular year, or containing specific weather information.

  2. Place (some) on the calendar or schedule.

Sentences of Calendar
  1. Considering the climate, this calendar provides information about the average temperature, rainfall and lunar cycle in each month of the year.

  2. It depends on the index or schedule records

Synonyms of Calendar