Definition of Econometrician:

  1. Econometrics is the branch of economics that uses statistical methods such as OLS regression to evaluate data sets.

  2. A person who applies mathematical technique to economic problems, data analysis and theory development and testing. Through statistics and math, information regarding market situations is analyzed to produce objective economics result.

  3. An econometrician is an individual who uses statistics and mathematics to study, model, and predict economic principles and outcomes. Econometricians use statistical and other quantitative measures and mathematical formulas to produce objective results in the study of economics.

How to use Econometrician in a sentence?

  1. Econometricians analyze data sets to model outcomes or make predictions using techniques such as linear regression.
  2. Econometricians are quantitative economists trained in statistical and mathematical methods.
  3. Econometricians may be employed at universities as academic economists, or else work in financial firms such as investment banks or hedge funds, where they go by the term quants.

Meaning of Econometrician & Econometrician Definition