Eco Tax

Eco Tax,

Eco Tax Meanings:

  1. Eco Tax can be defined as, See: Environmental Taxes

Literal Meanings of Eco Tax


Meanings of Eco:
  1. Do not harm the environment.

Sentences of Eco
  1. You can make changes to give your home a green color

  2. Environmental lamp


Meanings of Tax:
  1. A mandatory contribution to government revenue that is received by the government on the employee's income and company profits or is added to the cost of certain goods, services and transactions.

  2. Strict restrictions or demands.

  3. Tax collection (on anything else)

  4. Create requirements (a person's strength or resources)

  5. Facing someone's fault or crime.

  6. Investigation and evaluation (case cost)

Sentences of Tax
  1. Fuel tax

  2. You will have to pay tax on the interest earned on the savings.

  3. Tax account

  4. Reduction in fees

  5. This will be a net return on investment tax for all companies instead of corporate income tax.

  6. In Kenya, all local governments have tax authority, including the right to collect property taxes.

  7. Therefore, rent tax, unlike other income tax, can be considered a judicial barrier.

  8. Experimental results show that tax cuts create incentives for income and savings.

  9. In short, income tax was not actually a tax on wages or the working class.

Synonyms of Tax

accuse, weigh down, imposition, excise, tribute, assessment, strain, pressure, demand a tax on, charge, tariff, denounce, drain, impose a toll on, demand, charge duty on, call to account, encumbrance, make demands on, condemn, duty, impost, censure, tithe, contribution