Eclinicalworks Shortcuts

Eclinicalworks Shortcuts

How do you use macros in eClinicalWorks?

Macros are links to small pieces of text. These can be used in the HPI and in the treatment area. You can access it by typing the name of the shortcut and pressing the Ctrl key and the spacebar at the same time. Go to EMR → Various Configuration Options → Configure Macros to view, create and update macros.

Very simple, how do I add a macro to Epic?

Create a new macro

  1. Open the EPIC startup dialog in one of the following ways.
  2. Click Create New Macro.
  3. Enter the name of the new macro library file using one of these methods.
  4. For Family, select X4000 or X4000a, then select a package and the speed of the macro library file to create.
  5. Click OK.

How do I also customize the Epic toolbar?

  1. Customizing the menus. Under the More Tasks button, you’ll find menu customization, which allows users to customize the task list and toolbar at the top of the screen. Users can add multiple tasks to the predefined task list and rearrange the order to meet their specific needs.

Also, you may be wondering how to change the font size in ECW?

To change the overall font size:

  1. Under Options & Security, click Program Options.
  2. Select the font size in the Font section.
  3. Click Save Settings.

What are smart phrases?

SmartPhrases are system tag phrases that insert data or text into the note. The system contains over one thousand SmartPhrases. SmartPhrases that reference the data are called SmartLinks. SmartLinks are useful and powerful tools to use them.

How do you punctuate sentences in an epic way?

Here are the instructions for creating your own dot phrases: Step 1: Select the Tools heading, select Smart Tool Editor and select Smart Phrase. Step 2: Select the name of the file which contains the username / ID (you cannot change the default NMFF phrase to smart phrases).

How do I make an epic flyer?

Create a flyer Click Settings?

In the top corner, select Floating Worksheets (under Assignment). The training card shows all the floating worksheets created for the exercise.

Do you start typing the name of the worksheet?


tried. You can then add titers, vital signs or lab tests.

What is Epic NoteWriter?

A NoteWriter macro can help you document the process more efficiently. When you create a macro, it saves the information you normally record in a procedure. You can create macros in the Patient Note or use the Macro Manager on the Epic toolbar.

What is a smart block in Epic?

When documenting a note, it is often helpful to have many of the possible predefined choices so that you can easily select them. SmartLists are predefined list boxes that users can select using the mouse or keyboard.

How do I delete an epic macro?

Move the mouse pointer over the macro you want to delete to display the options menu icon (). Click the options menu icon and select Uninstall. Macros are permanently deleted.

Which database does eClinicalWorks use?

MySQL :: MySQL Science: eClinicalWorks.

How do I set up eClinicalMobile?

How to set the minimum phone number length for the Opera Mini browser: Open the Opera Mini browser. Delete www. Enter opera: config in the address field and click Submit or Enter. The Master User Settings screen is displayed. Click the Save button. The Opera Mini browser is now configured for use with eClinicalMobile.

How can I unlock my eClinicalWorks account?

  1. Log in to eClinicalWorks with an administrator account, click on the File menu, then select Security Settings. 2) A new window will open. Click the Locked User button in the lower right corner of the window. 3) A new window opens with all locked user accounts.

    Eclinicalworks Shortcuts