Eclesiastes 3 Estudo

Eclesiastes 3 Estudo

Ecclesiastes 3:15 Or What Does It Mean? ? ۔

What he sees is already there, and what will happen is already there and himself (Ecclesiastes 3:15).


Human history shows that there are events on earth, repeated cycles of birth and death, war and peace, laughter and do, and so on. It is assumed that this recurring cycle exists and is completely relevant. It can refer to your efforts to guide the righteous. The servants of God will seek the good of His servants, and, seen in full control of Rey or Pedo, or ■■■■■■■■, an hour of abhorrence may be like his working and just hair. Help two fair people. Or it could mean that even though this cycle continues, we can be sure that God still intends to do good. Therefore, the inability to control certain situations gives rise to feelings or memories, or the highest can always dissolve the pure interest of obedient servants.

Or the meaning of this verse or the following: God commands or the continuous cycle of life-giving events. Is.

Take my part!

God is not subordinate or limited in time, leave man. He is Irano, he has no beginning and no end and above all, the belief that there is only one creation or rhythm for the human side. God knows, or knows the present and the future, limited, "دن œ œ .. a day for the senator" a thousand thousand years and a thousand years as a whole "(2 Peter 3: 8).

This means  us what is for us, for men, God has already convinced, what will happen to us, because he is already convinced

This is because God always hates where this happens, so if He promises me something, He is not looking at the drawing board, but at a concrete one.

God's promise is reality, not design!

Let's give God a shock when, among others, I use time, we have to adjust.

It is important that God is not in control of these aspects of our lives.

Another translation:

Ecclesiastes 3:15 Or that éjé and what h, already Glaub and God asks what He saved.

Note: The Bible has many translations, and this is more accurate than the Almeida version or magazine.

Eclesiastes 3 Estudo