Definition of EBITDAR:

Interest, tax, depreciation and restructuring or pre-leasing income (EBITDAR) are non-GAAP tools used to measure a company's financial performance. Are used. Although EBITDAR does not appear in a company's profit and loss account, it can be leveraged using information obtained from a profit and loss account.

  • EBITDAR is a measure of profit, such as EBIT or EBITDA. However, the best are casinos, restaurants and other businesses with unique or highly variable rental or reorganization costs.
  • In addition to non-operating expenses such as taxes, rent, restructuring fees, and non-monetary expenses, Abitard provides analysts with an overview of the company's core performance.
  • The use of EBITDAR facilitates the comparison of one company with another, minimizing specific variables that are not directly related to operations.